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Roasting at Colture

Roasting at Colture

Here at Colture, we understand that all coffees are unique. That’s why we treat every coffee differently by regularly testing various roast profiles, followed by tastings and discussions of what is working well, and if anything could be fine-tuned.

Every roastery will roast coffee differently, so beans from the same field can taste completely different depending on how they were roasted. In all cases, the aim of the game is to balance out sugars without losing most of the goodness.

It starts off by taking a good look at our roasting curves. If these look smooth and don’t show any signs of crashing or flicking off at the end – but the sweetness still isn’t there after tasting – we look at adjusting variables such as:

  • Drop temperatures: The temperature at which we add the coffee into the roasting drum;
  • Development time: How long the beans roast for before altering any temperatures or air flows; and
  • End temperatures: If these are too high or low, it may cause unwanted characteristics in the final product.

We do everything in our power to get the best flavour from every bean we roast, before packaging and shipping them out for you to enjoy. We know that quality is just as important to you as it is to us, which is why we regularly refine our processes to make sure you get the best coffee possible. Whether you’re looking to impress a connoisseur, or just want a “cuppa”, you can count on Colture for consistency.

Our knowledgeable team has been bustling away in the coffee industry for years. Alongside roasting, we have a wealth of experience in barista work and sourcing green coffee, as well as years of sensory cupping, backed by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standards and guidelines.

Our full range of coffee beans, freshly roasted to their own unique profiles, offers a diverse and exciting range of flavours – check them out here